Handmade Felt Cream Shag Christmas Garland - 6'

Handmade Felt Cream Shag Christmas Garland - 6'

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Handmade Felt Cream Shag Christmas Garland - 6'

Our Handmade Felt Cream Shag Christmas Garland - 6' will wrap around your tree and keep it warm. Won't shed like plastic icicles. Won't fall apart like strung popcorn. Won't use any electricity. Will look snazzy year after year.

Arcadia Home designs are handmade. Each design is as unique as the artisan who creates it.

Arcadia Home felt designs are hand-felted, hand appliqued, and lovingly created from 100% sustainable wool by artisans working in India. The facility where these pieces are produced is an award-winning model of sustainability, which runs on solar electricity, collects rainwater, and recycles water on-site. By collaborating with this artisan group, Arcadia Home is helping to preserve the tradition of felt making in the area, promote eco-friendly business, and provide fair and safe employment for hundreds of artisan felt-makers, sheepherders, and seamstresses.

Our artisans are experts in their craft - creating the heirlooms of tomorrow.

Dimensions: 6' length. As handmade pieces, size may vary slightly.