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Eco-Friendly Wedding Album / Scrapbook

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Album / Scrapbook

This wonderful photo album is made of recycled cotton, and the interior pages are acid free paper. Use the 4"x6" photo slot on the cover to feature the best shot! The album comes packaged in a recycled cotton presentation box, ensuring that the album, and the photos, will be in good condition for a lifetime of walks down memory lane. A great gift for the eco-conscious couple. Comes in pearl. 21 double-sided pages. Each page measures 10.5" x 13.25". Photos and memorabilia must be affixed to the paper pages with a glue stick or double sided tape. 

Arcadia Home's recycled cotton products are created using cotton salvaged from the apparel industry in India. The items are made from "khadda" - the unbleached hand spun rags left over from garment industry production. No harsh chemicals or dyes are used in processing the material, and the 100% cotton products are water-resistant and handmade.

Arcadia Home is a member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. Through our participation, we are aligning Arcadia Home with the Alliance's central missions: To preserve traditional artforms and techniques; to provide steady employment for artisans around the world (with an emphasis on women); and to foster economically viable conditions for the practice of craft. By purchasing this design, you are joining our efforts to support artisans worldwide.

As handmade pieces, each Arcadia Home design is as unique as the artisan who created it.